Dr. Sándor Lénárd

2020. november 22. 10:11
The economic and information globalizations pose new threats and challenges to the protection of human rights. The ongoing international regulatory efforts in this area offer great opportunities to enable clarity around the obligations of transnational companies, including large tech companies – pointed out by Robert McCorquodale, Professor of International Law and Human Rights at the Nottingham University during a conversation with Lénárd Sándor, researcher at the American Studies Research Institute of the National University of Public Service, located in Budapest.
2020. november 5. 15:34
“Because John Roberts is less likely to be the swing vote now, there is more chance for a high consequence case that helps Trump even as it puts the court reputation at risk” – Jesse Richman pointed out in an interview on day after the 2020 presidential election.
2020. október 30. 15:43
Europe urgently needs to understand that it’s being catastrophically left behind in the field of new technologies. This is where the Central European countries could take the lead by help European tech companies set up R&D- and manufacturing facilities there – Dr. Lennart Brandt pointed out in a conversation about the crises in Europe, the positive implications of Brexit, the uniqueness of a European way of life and situation of Central Europe.
2020. október 28. 16:18
Absentee voting happened for the first time on a grand scale during the American Civil War in the 1860s. There was some fraud in those elections but although the frauds were important, they were not enough to change the result of the election – Jonathan W. White, history professor at Christopher Newport University, pointed out.
2020. október 16. 17:53
“Law schools are still very reluctant to hire conservative and libertarian professors. At some point, I think it has to become educational malpractice if they are not hiring professors who can teach their students how to make originalist and textualist arguments before an increasingly originalist bench” – Dean Reuter pointed out in a conversation with Lénárd Sándor about the historny and role of the Federalist Society.
2020. október 8. 19:50
“It is easy to imagine scenarios in which the court might intervene, particularly if the election is close overall and in key states” – Jesse Richman, associate professor at Old Dominion University pointed out in a conversation with Lénárd Sándor about how the ongoing multiple crises, the key “swing states”, the remote forms of voting along with the empty Supreme Court seat might influence the outcome of the upcoming 2020 presidential election.
2020. szeptember 25. 21:53
The patent regime is designed to encourage invention and creation, and to strengthen the knowledge base of the public over time. However, newer ways of extracting revenue from patents are not what patents are intended to do, which is to incentivize innovation rather than suppress competition – Margaret Chon, Professor of Law at the Seattle University School of Law, pointed out in a conversation with Lénárd Sándor.
2020. szeptember 21. 19:48
Historically, the Supreme Court and the issue of judicial nominations has been a much more powerful one for Republican than Democrats. That may change this year, but of course in 2016, the Scalia vacancy and question about who would get to appoint his successor won Trump the election – Ilya Shapiro, director of the Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies at the Cato Institute, pointed out in a conversation with Lénárd Sándor.
2020. szeptember 18. 18:45
The business that can get the end customer the good faster will end up with the sale. What this means for global supply chains given the ‘longer, slower’ supply chains with COVID19 is the ‘loss of the sale’. We are seeing a ‘protectionist’ strategy throughout the world. I am talking a decade or more before the pendulum will start to swing back toward globalization -- Fish A. Lynn, professor of Canisius College, pointed out.
2020. szeptember 17. 22:39
Facing such profound challenges as the EU has done in the last decade or so has exposed the fundamental weakness of the Union; that many of its member states default to national solutions to the challenges they face, and have no patience for ex-cathedra instructions from a distant and aloof Brussels – Roger Moorhouse, British historian pointed out.
2020. szeptember 17. 19:38
"A major difficulty with the courts adopting aggressive interpretations of rights is that Americans are now, in important respects, ruled by unelected judges. On many fundamental matters, we no longer have the possibility of voting. This is anti-democratic. It also undermines the rule of law" - Renée Lettow Lerner, Professor of Law at the George Washington University Law School, pointed out in a conversation with Lénárd Sándor.
2020. szeptember 11. 13:16
Mais à la différence de Rome qui maintenait les identités des Peuples de l’Empire, les cours européennes ont tendance à niveler ces identités et à imposer à tous les Etats un système de valeur qui fait abstraction de leur histoire, de leur culture, de leur religion – dit Bertrand Mathieu, professeur de droit constitutionnel à l’Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.
2020. január 6. 17:59
“Popular movements have played a central role in constitutional transformations during the post-War era in both the United States and the European Union. Charismatic presidents have also revolutionized American constitutional law through transformative appointments to the Supreme Court.” – explains Bruce Ackerman, Sterling Professor at Yale Law School in a conversation with Lénárd Sándor, researcher at the American Studies Research Institute of the National University of Public Service, located in Budapest.
2020. január 6. 17:52
Ugyanazzal a problémával néz jelenleg szembe az Európa Unió, mint az USA történelmének első nyolc évtizedében. Az alapvető kérdés, hogy inkább szövetségi államot, vagy államszövetséget építsenek – mutat rá ki Bruce Ackerman, a Yale Egyetem jogászprofesszora.
2019. december 18. 18:10
Meggyengült a hatalmi ágak elválasztásának elve a demokratikus úton nem elszámoltatható bürokrácia miatt az Egyesült Államokban. Ez a probléma azonban nem csupán Amerikára igaz: a központosításra törekvő Európai Unióban tapasztalható demokratikus deficit hasonló fenyegetést jelent – fogalmazott Michael J. Glennon, a Tufts Egyetem nemzetközi jogászprofesszora.
2019. december 3. 15:35
Akkora hatalomra tett szert az adminisztratív állam az USA-ban, hogy az már nehezen összeegyeztethető a demokratikus alapú alkotmányos korlátok közé szorított kormányzással. Negyven évvel Richard Nixon elnök után Donald Trump is megpróbálja megtörni és visszaszorítani a bürokrácia térnyerését – véli John Marini, a University of Nevada politikatudományi professzora.
2019. december 3. 11:14
The modern “administrative state” established its hegemony, without the necessity of establishing its political legitimacy. Political allegiance to the nation state is challenged by the public and private knowledge elites who obtained access to the rational structures that have established a global order comprised of national and international political institutions of governments, public and private organizations, and NGO’s – pointed out by John Marini, Professor of Political Science at the University of Nevada in a conversation in the interview series of Lénárd Sándor, researcher at the American Studies Research Institute of the National University of Public Service, located in Budapest.
2019. november 29. 11:16
A gazdasági és információs globalizáció korszakában az államoknak katalizátor szerepet szükséges játszaniuk az emberi jogok védelme terén. Erős állami szabályozás hiányában ugyanis a legmodernebb technológiák a történelem legsötétebb korszakaiba vezetik vissza a világot – hangzott el az ENSZ Üzleti Világ és Ember Jogok Munkacsoportjának Fórumán.

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